Hello! My name is Laran Wilke. I am a new transplant to Oklahoma having come from Colorado where I operated Valor Training Group for 12 years. 

Through my work as a firearms instructor I helped train my church security team. After 5 years of volunteering on the team, I was asked to lead it. I was hired and began nine years of ministry leading, training, and working alongside some really good people.

Through all of this I discovered some missing pieces in self-defense training. Adrenaline either powers up a person's fight response or it causes them to freeze. It seems to have much to do with an individuals previous experience when adrenaline was present in their body. Many have experienced powerlessness when adrenaline was surging through their body.

I am a man of strong faith in Jesus Christ. I believe God perfectly designed the human body with the power and wisdom to protect. My research led me to methods of training which allow me to address mind, body, and spirit when training people to recognize threats and respond appropriately. 

I am passionate about teaching people how to avoid becoming victims of violent crime. It doesn't just affect the individual who's victimized, it affects their family and maybe their generations. This is part of family story, wherever I can prevent it, I will.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you're interested in having Valor provide training to your group, contact me to discuss what you're looking to accomplish.