In all things... Courage

Self Defense and Threat Avoidance Classes for Women Only


Sometimes women would rather experience this type of training exclusively with just women. We are very passionate about equipping women to feel more confident as they move throughout their day. When you know what you are capable of and what a potential threat looks like you can keep anxieties about your safety in check. You can be confident in your abilities to avoid danger. These classes are exclusively for women attendees.

Self-Defense and Personal Safety Training

Knowledge and skills won't be the only factors in surviving or escaping a violent encounter. The sensations your body will experience can quickly overwhelm you, which can render your skills useless. Don't leave to chance your ability to work through your brain and body's response to a threat. All of our training is built around helping you work through your these two things, along with fighting skills.

Self Defense and Threat Avoidance Classes for All


All of our classes incorporate principles around the emotions and sensations the human body experiences when adrenaline (fight or flight) are involved. Many people have had a negative or powerless experience with adrenaline. We work with you to give you the proper ability to use this powerful "fight or flight" system for the purpose it was intended... your survival.

Fear Relief Training


Hypervigilence is: the elevated state of constantly assessing potential threats around you. Do you frequently feel anxious or fearful, but can't explain why? It's possible you are feeling the affects of your brain and body being affected by hypervigilance, even though you can't put your finger on why. But because you always have the feeling, you are constantly searching your life for a reason you feel unsafe, and if you can't find one you think you're going crazy. 

Our Training Addresses Adrenaline and the Body's Response to Threats

The Human body's threat-response system is always on, always sending signals to our body. Our training includes education about this important anatomical reality. We combine the knowledge with experiences to help you apply and learn how to use it to your advantage in a broad variety of personal safety scenarios.